legendary by design inc


Reject the sidelines - confidently design your legendary life.

urban street 


In September 2010, Legendary By Design opened its eStore and became home for many in the global streetwear community. At its core was two African American Veteran Fathers who could not identify with the current trend in society to emasculate men.

After several years of growth they decided to create an additional sub-brand that further embodied the lifestyle values of masculinity, power, and wealth infused with culture from soul, funk, hip hop, jazz, and street art.

lbd Street Fashion soon emerged as the flagship's main sub-brand. It embodied a young counter-culture for cool intellectual achievers, becoming the new secret sauce for those seeking to express a lifestyle of wealth, quality, style, and authenticity.

While the brand seeks to re-establish values of seeking to become better versions of oneself, it still pays homage to the streetwear scene of its birth through collaborating with our generation's most up-and-coming designers, artists, photographers, and musicians who all continue to help to define its unique identity and attitude.