legendary by design inc


Reject the sidelines - confidently design your legendary life.




In the fall of 2010, Legendary By Design Inc. began as a couture house for modern streetwear millenials who refused to continue to stand on the sidelines while the fashion industry bombarded men into emasculation and pressured women to attain unrealistic standards of beauty.

After several years of growth and setbacks the company finally began to acquire additional media properties and in the fall of 2017 became a multimedia holding company. The company simplified its message to represent the core values of confidence, masculinity, femininity, power, wealth, and health. 

Legendary By Design Inc. embodies a counter-culture for millenial achievers that value accountability and authenticity. It has become something positive and encouraging - something reflective of what is happening in the world today. 

Legendary By Design Inc. is built on a legacy that seeks to re-establish values of men and women to know themselves while paying homage to the streetwear scene of their youth. The multimedia company continues to tap the vain of coolness and authenticity through collaborative efforts with our generation's most up-and-coming designers, artists, djs, photographers, and musicians continuing to define the unique identity, culture, and attitude of modern streetwear.