Basic Site Plan Package

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  • Property Lines
  • Primary Structure
  • Lot Dimensions
  • North Arrow
  • Scale
  • Measurements Between Major Features

Our Basic Plot Plan (also known as site plan) will give you the basics of your property. We will use GIS and Satellite imagery to create the draft site plan. This plot plan will include EXISTING primary building location, lot lines, dimensions, and a north arrow. While generally insufficient for building permits this plan is great for planning. Once we send you the draft site plan for review you will have the opportunity to verify any dimensions and mark up the plan with any needed changes and we will make any adjustments free of charge.

 *We will contact you after your purchase to get additional information.

Our plot plans are Non-Certified

Examples of Use for This Plot Plan Drawing:

  • Understanding your property dimensions
  • Showing your home relative to your property lines.
  • A road map for having yard word done. Mark up your instructions to avoid any confusion.
  • Sketching out a new roof line
  • Having encroachment issues with a neighbor? Submit a drawing of the overhanging encroachment to the city as an exhibit

We offer three standard site plans which vary in level of detail. Depending upon what you will be using your site plan for will determine which is best for you.  For most building departments the medium detail plan is best.  You will have the option to add additional items such as structures, vicinity map, topography and more once you select a plan.  Visit our HELP CENTER for additional information.

Before ordering: Please verify with your building department that they DO NOT require that the plan to be prepared by surveyor, architect or engineer. We are a Drafting Company and do not stamp, sign or seal plans. Our plans are non-certified. Learn More

After Ordering: You will receive a draft of your site plan within 24 hours for your review. Verify all dimension. Should you need any edits after reviewing the plan just mark those changes on the draft and send it back to us and we will make those adjustments free of charge.

*All plans are delivered via email as a PDF