Pro Site Plan Package

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    • Property Lines
    • Primary Structure
    • Lot Dimensions
    • North Arrow
    • Scale
    • Measurements Between Major Features
    • Trees
    • Swimming Pool
    • Accessory Structures
    • Landscape
    • Driveway
    • Paths
    • Shrubs
    • Lawn
    • Roofline

      A higher level of detail for permitting of both residential and commercial properties.

      Using the most recent satellite imagery and cross referencing it with county parcel maps, and GIS we will draw a detailed site plan of your property showing all EXISTING (visible via satellite) landscaping, such as structures driveways, pathways, patios, gazebos, grass, trees, structures, swimming pool, sheds, Parking spaces etc. The draft site plan will be sent to you for your review. If there are any changes that are required such as updating dimensions or missing items due to tree cover you may sketch those onto the plan and send it back to us to have those revised free of charge.

      *Please verify with your building department that they DO NOT require a certified site plan prepared by a Surveyor, Architect, or Engineer. We are a Drafting Firm and do not stamp plans. Our plans are Non-Certified Learn More

      If you would like to add a structure that is not currently on the property please select the option below "Add Non-existing feature"

      *For commercial parcels over three acres please contact us to verify price. 

      Examples of Use for this Drawing:

      • Applying for a building permit for a new outdoor structure
      • Applying for a demolition permit for the demolition of your house or another structure
      • A swimming pool removal or remodel
      • A road map for having yard word done. Mark up your instructions to avoid any confusion.
      • Conditional Use Permit for Commercial Properties
      • Having encroachment issues with a neighbor? Submit a drawing of the overhanging encroachment to the city as an exhibit
      • Thinking of re-doing your landscape? Start with this plan to begin your process of what to keep and what to eliminate

        *We will contact you after your purchase to get additional information.